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New Eee PC Features
ASUS has given word that the upcoming 8.9" Eee PC will feature a touchscreen panel and possibly GPS support.  The tiny notebook will also be getting a number of upgrades, utilizing Intel's Atom CPU platform, doubling its RAM to 1GB, and increasing the SSD storage range to 8-12GB.
Quite obviously these new features will push the price up, putting the new bar up at around $500.  ASUS is looking to put out the new Eee PC sometime in May or June, alongside the new desktop E-DT, which will be priced around $199.
ASUS certainly seems to be beefing up the Eee PC.  Unfortunately, this is being reflected in the price, causing the Eee PC to leave it's initial low-cost purpose behind.  Do the ends justify the means?
The people over at DailyTech noticed that the FCC has released a number of internal and external photos, as well as the manual for the Eee PC 900. 
Looking through these items we see that the Eee PC now has built-in Bluetooth support. 
It also seems that ASUS has given the touchpad multi-finger functionality, allowing users to zoom in and out in a manner much like Apple's iPhone.
Something to note is that this version of the manual makes no mention of a touchscreen panel or GPS support, so we'll have to wait and see whether the 900 really will have these features.
FCC Eee PC 900 Page
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