Elpida 40nm DDR3 Memory Coming Soon Page: 1
Elpida, one of the largest DRAM manufacturers in the industry, have announced that their 2Gb 40nm DDR3 memory modules are coming soon. They say samples are due to ship in November, with mass production beginning before the end of the year. The smaller 40nm process technology allows them to have a 44% higher chip yield per wafer, compared to the current 50nm, and a 100% yield for DDR3 products that operate at 1.6Gbps, they said.
They also claim that their 40nm chips use around two thirds less current and support operation voltages of 1.2 - 1.35v, in addition to the DDR3 standard of 1.5v. It doesn't sound like much of a saving, but it should make a large distance in the enterprise and server market, where high amounts of RAM are used. The higher yields should also help to reduce prices and also pave the way for higher density modules in the coming months.
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