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Enermax Presents New Gold Class Series Revolution87+

Today the successful Enermax Modu87+ has found a worthy successor the Revolution87+ which continues the outstanding power supply series. It carries over the main advantages of its predecessor such as the forward looking, highly efficient Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology or the leading fan speed control that ensures a silent operation. The Revolution87+ gain a slight advantage by the technological progress of Enermax engineering allowing extremely high efficiency and rock stable voltages

1. Golden Efficiency

Engineers have refined the already outstanding Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology of the Modu87+ series and come out with around 87 to 93 percent efficiency beetween 20 to 100 percent load, this beats even some platinum models on the market. The revolution 87+ has been tested by the international 80PLUS organisation and gained the gold award. The new PSU also supports the most currently ErP Lot 6 standard for computer systems with less than 0.5W power consumption in standby mode (PSU only).

2. Golden Silence 

Like the Modu87+ power supplies, the Revolution87+ is equipped with a durable 13.9cm twister bearing fan to provide smooth and silent rotation with up to 100,000 hours MTBF lifetime. Enermax relies on smart RPM control that ensures an optimal balance between cooling performance and noise generation. With 300 or 500 RPM at low loads to 1000 or 1200 RPM maximum at high loads making the Revolution 87+ an almost inaudible power source.

Price and availability

The Enermax Revolution87+ series is now available in five versions with 550, 650, 750, 850, 1000W

ERV550AWT-G: £129.90
ERV650AWT-G: £149.90
ERV750AWT-G: £174.90
ERV850EWT-G: £189.90
ERV1000EWT-G: £224.90
(MSRP incl. VAT)

if you would like more information or a full list of specs and features please visit the Enermax product page

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