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Enermax cuts...

Last month Overclock3D hosted it's "BIGGEST EVER" competition with generous prizes from our sponsors. One of our sponsors, Enermax, had promised Overclock3D a 650w Infiniti power supply as one of the prizes. After the competition had ended and the winners chosen Enermax decided to cut-and-run on their promised power supply due to the winner being in the USA - apparently outside of their shipping destinations. This left the winner of the power supply without a prize, and despite OC3D's best efforts to resolve matters with Enermax, no resolution could be worked out.

Tagan picks up the tab...

Overclock3D was obviously not going to let this slide and leave one of our lucky winners empty handed. And apparently neither was Tagan after they got wind that Enermax had failed to follow through on their commitment. Tagan has generously donated a brand new TG1100-U96 Turbojet power supply to the winner of the original Enermax PSU.

Here's a small portion of what Tagan USA posted on our forum:
"Wow ! and such a dissapointment on my return to find out that you guys have been let down by neverevermax. I should'nt really be saying that but it's only a little hearted comment to try and cheer up the dissapointed winner, my UK colleague made me aware of this situation and after reading about this I contacted the man above and he's agreed that we can offer you an alternative prize of a TG1100-U96 Turbojet which will be despatched from OUR US office.

Our feeling is that If a Manufacturer enters an agreement whether it's verbal or written they should at least have the decency to stand by that agreement."
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We're proud to have Tagan on our side, they've been one of our best partners from the very beginning and we're honoured to be able to host their official support forum. A heart-felt "THANK YOU!" goes out to them for picking up on Enermax's cowardly decision to cut-and-run.

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