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Enzotech Enters the Watercooling Market

Enzotech makers of high quality forged air cooling products have taken a dive into the watercooling segment of the market with the SCW-1 - a block that resembles both the GTX and the Fuzion (I hope it performs as well as them).


The following information has been taken directly from their website:

  • Super high density, radial pattern, micro-pin design (0.5mm from pin to pin), provides maximum surface exposure area for superior cooling performance.
  • Direct injection water flow design, delivers coolant straight to CPU core. Eight return holes pulls heated water away for extremely fast heat dissipation.
  • Metallic Mirror coating gives elegant style and superb finish.
  • Water block's base is machined to .0003 per inch run-out which optimizes surface contact and maximizes thermal conductivity performance.
  • Compatible with all 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" coolant tubing.
  • 100% leak tested and inspected direct from factory.

  • Enzotech claim the block can dissipate 130w of heat efficiently.

    side block

    As with all of Enzotechs forged products the base is almost perfectly flat with a mirror finish for improved heat dissipation (although the base does look rather thick).


    Below gives a birds eye view of the internal pin design which should maximise sufrace area yeilding good results.


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