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Notebook maker Eurocom has just earned itself the distinction of becoming the first company to introduce a notebook server. The manufacturer has taken its Panther range of notebooks to the next level by adding a six-core Intel Xeon X5690 processor to the line.


Dubbed an obvious Panther 2.0, the new notebook series has been designed to be vastly different from regular systems – its specifications are definitely not for the faint of heart. Up to 24GB of triple-channel DDR3 RAM clubbed with the Intel 32nm Xeon X5690 six-core processing clocked at 3.46GHz and 12MB of L3 cache make this an absolute monster of a system.


Where graphics are concerned, you have a tough call between a dual-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M 2GB cards in SLI and a Quadro FX 5000M 2GB graphics card. The Panther 2.0 also has space for up to four HDDs that support a whopping 3.26TB in storage and a 17in display that functions at a neat resolution of 1920x1080.


With so much good stuff under its hood, it is but natural that the Panther 2.0 is not exactly a luggable laptop. This so-called mobile server weighs a solid 5.3kg and has been designed to work as a lighter, portable alternative to full-fledged servers.


The Panther 2.0 is no doubt an equally attractive package for serious gamers and provides them with more than enough power to run through the most demanding games currently in the market. The only serious hindrance to its mass popularity is its price – Eurocom has listed the fully loaded Panther 2.0 at a staggering £6,610, which should be enough to deter even the most enthusiastic of buyers.


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The Panther 2.0 Notebook Server from Eurocom