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EVGA 270-WS-W555 Preview

EVGA have been pushing the technological boat out, firstly with the Classified and then the Classified Quad SLI. We recently had a glance at their 1366 dual-socket motherboard, which was truly a behemoth. Today we get a preview of it in all its glory, now named the 270-WS-W555. Hereafter referred to as the W555.

With many previews we get a sniff of the hardware and maybe some rumours about the potential possibilities, but EVGA have given us more than we get with some reviews, so by the end of this short preview you'll definitely be drooling as much as we are. Dual 1366. Oh momma. Our shot comes from EVGA themselves and as you can see the heatsink has been removed to expose the chips. Judging by the looks of the rest of the board it's safe to say it will be up to the usual EVGA standards.

Let's start our look at the specifications with the parts most of you will be interested in, especially those of you who love to Fold.


CPU Socket
2 LGA1366 for Intel Xeon 5500 series processors.
Supports QPI up to 6.4GT/s, base on 20bit-width up to 25.6GB/s

5520+ICH10R chipset with dual nVidia nF200 X16

System Memory
Six 240 pin DDR3 SDRAM DIMM sockets per processor, totalling 12 DIMM sockets
Supports 1.5v DDR3 1066/1333 DIMMs in triple channel
Supports x16 and x8, non-ECC, unbuffered DIMMs
Supports up to 48GB total system memory

Expansion Slots
Six PCI Express x16 slots compliant with PCI Express 2.0

SlotnF200 controllerConfiguration
PCIe 1nF200A11x16 or x8
PCIe 2nF200A12x8
PCIe 3nF200A21x16 or x8
PCIe 4nF200A22x8
PCIe 5nF200B11x16 or x8
PCIe 6nF200B12x8
PCIe 7nF200B2x16


As you can see, so far this definitely ticks every performance powerhouse box. Incredible capacity for CPU performance, coupled to more memory than most of us will ever use, and thanks to the two nF200 chips, vast amounts of PCI Express bandwidth too.

With dual Xeon processors and fully populated slots, this could break world records easily.

With the obvious parts out of the way, let's flick over to page two and see what else is provided.

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EVGA 270-WS-W555 Preview continued

Connectivity, BIOS and Special Features

Naturally all that would be fairly useless if everything else was cut down, but being an EVGA board you know that no compromises will be made. So what else is on the board you ask? It's quite a list so take a deep breath.

Ten USB connectors compliant with USB2.0 from embedded USB controller with 6 ports at the rear.

2 rear USB 3.0 connectors utilising a NEC uPD720200F1-DAK-A, supporting 5Gbps transfer rate.

One IDE port supporting 2 devices with UDMA33, ATA-66/100/133 support from a Marvell 88E9128 controller

Six S-ATA II ports via chipset supporting RAID 0,1,10,5

2 rear JMB362 controlled E S-ATA ports.

S-ATA 3.0
2 S-ATA 3.0 ports providing up to 600MB/s using a Marvell 88SE9128 controller. (PE G2x1 interface, 2S1P)

2 Gigabit Ethernet from Marvell 88E8057

Realtek ALC889 HDA compliant providing selectable 2,6 or 8 channel audio
SPDIF output
Front panel mic and line-out support
Jack detection for fool-proof device installation

Fintek 71883 LPC bus I/O controller
Legacy peripheral PS/2 keyboard interface
Fan speed, CPU and System temperature monitoring via Hardware
Intelligent CPU PWM fan speed control

8Mb SPI EEPROM Flash using AMI Plug and Play BIOS
Supports ACPI S3 Suspend to RAM mode in ACPI compliant O/S

Programmable FSB and PCI Clock in 1MHz increments
Supports BIOS adjustable CPU multiplier, QPI clock, PCI-E x16 clock and DIMM frequency
Support BIOS adjustable voltage for CPU Core, chipset and DIMM

Special Features
Onboard 80 Post-Port LED display
Onboard power, reset and CMOS reset buttons
2 sets ATX12V 8pin+6pin power for each CPU
8 phase digital PWN for each CPU
8 Layers PCB
PCI-E reset/turn-off jumpers
V_Core, V_DIMM, VTT, IOH, CPU PLL, QPI PLL, ICH IO, ICH Ground measurement points (TBD)
Asynchronous clocking mode

Form Factor
345.5mm x 381mm Extend-ATX size

Even if the sheer volume of features wasn't enough to accurately apply a behemoth label to the W555, then the physical size will. Huge doesn't begin to cover it. If ever you've wanted to test your case fabrication skills, this is the board for you.

Finally EVGA bundle their ECP V3 with it along with the usual gamut of cables and manual one would expect.

If we were salivating any more you'd need to call the RNLI. The Classified was a stunning board and this EVGA 270-WS-W555 is bordering on art. We can't wait to get our hands on it and put it through its paces.

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