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Four new cards join the line up, all very similiar!
EVGA GTX295 COOP editionYep, they're at it again. EVGA have added four new cards to their range and to be honest, they all look the same. The cards in question are the new single PCB revision of the GTX295 which is constructed of a pair of GT200 GPUs on one PCB and 1792MB of GDDR3 memory.
The performance is pretty much the same as the older dual PCB GTX295, but it now consumes slightly less power and runs cooler. Known as the CO-OP edition, the new card carrys the same clocks as the old one (576MHz core / 1242MHz shader / 2016MHz memory). Then in typical EVGA fashion there is the Superclocked version which sits at 602MHz, 1296MHz and 2052MHz, it looks no different but will cost quite a bit more, for only a slight overclock.
If you're not impressed with the feeble overclock on the SC edition then how about the FTW edition? It carrie out of the box clocks of 684MHz, 1476MHz and 2160MHz on the core, shader and memory respectively. Although this is a much better overclock, the price will also increase too, near
EVGA GTX295 COOP hydro copper edition
Finally, if that's still not enough for you, then how about the Hydro Copper edition? It's not overclocked as high as the FTW edition but it does have a preinstalled full cover waterblock and boasts a similar overclock to the Superclocked edition at frequencies of 600MHz, 1296MHz and 2106MHz out of the box. The preinstalled waterblock will keep the temperatures alot lower than the air cooled counterparts, and will allow for more overclocking headroom.
The standard model is expected to retail at around £360, with the Superclocked following at roughly £380 and the FTW at £400. For all you people out there who have money burning holes in your large pockets, the Hydro Copper is expected in the UK at around £500.
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