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As children, many boys have a particular vehicle they really get into.  For some it's trains.  For others, it's firetrucks.  And for still others, it is fighter jets.  For those in the last category, it was your dream to be able to fly in one of these magnificent planes; you would kill for the chance.  Well Evga wants to give you that chance.

In a promotion to allows users to "Experience True 4G G-Forces!" Evga is giving three lucky winners (one from the Americas, one from Europe, and one from Asia) the chance to take a ride in a L-39 Albatross jet with a certified flight acrobatic instructor.  During this 45 minute flight, these luckers will also have the opportunity to take the stick and fly the jet properly.  Two hundred other entrants will receive a limited edition 4G T-shirt.

Also a part of this 4G promotion is the chance to "test pilot" Evga's latest GTS450 card.  One hundred fifty users will be able to try out the card for 30 days, the only requirement being a $65 deposit.  After the 30 days are up, the user can either keep the card for the cost of the deposit or return it (shipping on Evga) for their money back.

Entry for both contests began at the start of this month and end on November 28th, with winners to be announced on December 1st.

For more info, check out the official entry page here.

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