EVGA Readies GPU Testing Application Page: 1

In recent years, EVGA have been working hard to provide enthusiasts with the best overclocking experience possible.  This includes putting out not only top-quality hardware, but slick software as well.  EVGA is now looking to add a graphics card stress testing and benchmarking application to their repertoire.

EVGA have released a screenshot of this new tool on their Twitter page.  Utilizing a rendered EVGA logo for artifact scanning and benchmarking, the application bears a striking resemblance to FurMark and ATI Tool.

EVGA's new tool can be integrated with their current Precision clocking tool, forming an all-in-one clocking, testing, and benchmarking solution.  Not only this, but a post made by Fudzilla implies that they may also be integrating their GPU Voltage Tuner application as well.  Seeing as this tool only supports a limited number of cards, though, it remains to be seen if this is true.

No word yet on when this tool will be available, though it is clear it is still a work in progress as representative Jacob has mentioned they are working on adding multi-GPU support.  EVGA is currently accepting comments, feedback, and suggestions in their forums here.