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Evo-G are a fairly new company focusing on gaming gear, making products for gamers around the globe. We took a look at one of their mouse-mats recently and found that whilst it was a decent surface, it didn't quite do the business as far as presentation and overall functionality.
A little about Evo-G:
Evo-G is all about gaming gear. Our mission is to create performance-enhancing gaming products, created for and by leading professionals.

Our staff is distributed throughout the world, working from offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

Evo-G headquarters is located in Asia (Peking, China), and host the primary office facilities for the company. The headquarters handle all planning, production and partner coordination.

For logistic reasons we also have sales offices in Asia (Shenzen, China). From China we can reach the entire Asian market, as well as the rest of the world.

Evo-G means Evolution Gaming Gear

Evo-G is all about innovative gaming gear for the market

that makes more users professional.
The Evo-G MB01
The mouse bungee is not something you come across every day and when I heard that Evo-G wanted to send it to me I was both interested and a little sceptical, if I'm honest.
A little about the product:
The Bungee can prevent unwanted mouse movements that are caused by long mouse cable. It has a slider for expanding 3 times the original length of the Bungee to reach the best distance from your mouse to the mousepad. The Bungee can also be used as a mobile cable reel for the mouse. Finally, it has a stable base to ensure secure support and provides a height-adjustable cable run.
So the bungee is basically a cable holder...what's the point you ask? Some features and specification before we take a look:

* Scalable design
* Compact design provides enhanced portability for mobile gaming
* Equipped for gaming performance
* Dual slider design
* Single spring guide
* Mouse cord clip
* Textured surface
* Solid ballast


Color Available: orange-black, blue-black, steel grid-black
Package: retail package
 Now for a look at the product and packaging.
 packaging front  packaging rear
Packaging is good and would certainly both stand out on the shelves and protect the mouse bungee from damage. There's plenty of info on the pack, although I think a lot of it can be termed 'marketing gumph'.
The Bungee - a close up
The mouse bungee is a brightly coloured item and looks fairly attractive as well as functional. We got the orange-black model but it is also set to be available in blue-black and steel grid-black which should be good for those wanting something to match their other peripherals.
mouse bungie front  mouse bungee bottom
The Bungee looks an odd little thing fully closed up and actually takes up very little room in your hand. It's weighted down and the bottom of the bungee is made of a rubber that sticks fairly well to any surface.
bungee open slightly  bungee fully open
Sliding the bungee up out of it's clamshell shows the extent in which it extends. You slide it open in two stages, the final pull bringing out a metal extension with a rubber grip that holds the mouse cable.
evo-g bungie detail  evo-g bungee detail 2
The rear of the bungee shows off a small clip that you also attach the cable to, giving two lots of holding mechanisms for your mouse cable.
It looks and feels solid and well made and I've no complaint as far as aesthetics and build quality. Now onto how I got on with it...

Evo-G MB1 Gaming Mouse Bungee Page: 2
Testing and thoughts
Testing was pretty simple for the MB1 Mouse Bungee, although you will have to rely on my opinions rather than any numbers (how DO you quantify a mouse bungee!?!). I set it up on my desk and played games, surfed and worked with it in place. I then tested the exact same things without the bungee after using it to see how I felt before and after. The bungee was tested over a period of a couple of weeks to ensure I gave it a fair go.
evo-g testing  ev-g testing 2
As you can see, the MB1 fits a mouse cord nicely in the grip of it's two clips. It's worth noting that the rear clip does let the cord go if you move the bungee a lot  but really once you've set it up to your liking this shouldn't be an issue.
Test Results
I found that once I had set up the bungee for use with a little bit of slack as shown it really did the trick and meant that I never lacked cable whilst gaming. I did find that sometimes if I moved my desk around or my mouse-mat around the rear cord became disconnected (as I said above), but this was easily rectified and never on one occasion  did the orange top clip lose the cable, it was held firmly.
The mouse bungee MB1 did exactly what it said it would do and helped me organise my mouse cable much better than before I had it. It's solidly built and the weights in it are enough to weigh it down without being too heavy.
There's not really a whole lot more to say about the Evo-G MB1 Mouse Bungee. It certainly helps you keep the cable in place and gives you enough slack not to get in a mess whilst gaming.
Price and availability are an issue with the MB1 as it is currently only available in the US, priced at an RRP of $14.99 @ Frozen CPU and Performance PC's, both of whom ship to the UK at a reasonable price (if you're willing to pay pnp). At that price I think it's a good item to pop in your shopping basket, especially if you really get in a muddle with your mouse cables.
Can I recommend the Mouse Bungee overall? Well, it's hard to say due to limited UK availability and a very focused market, but if you can scoop one up I think it's worth getting a Mouse Bungee to tidy those cables.
The Evo-G MB1 Mouse Bungee gets a Recommended Award for being a nice addition to your desk.
The Good
+ Does the job
+ Not very expensive if you can get it
+ Looks decent
The Mediocre
* Cable occasionally slips out of one clip when moved
The Bad
- Lack of UK availability
In three words: cheap, functional, BUNGEE!
Thanks to Evo-G for the review sample
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