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Evo-G release the Lan Bag Evo-G Lan Bag
Is your backpack looking a little worse for wear? By your own admission, it has probably seen one too many LAN parties and is due to be retired right? Well Evolution Gaming Gear (Evo-G) may have something to help you forget that trusty old faithful - the Evo-G Lan Bag. According to the manufacturer, the Evo-G Lan Bag makes transporting your computer easier by holding your PC, and the additional pockets allow you to carry peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, cables, and software.
Manufactured from tear resistant material and boasting the ability to handle an impressive 40kg payload, the Evo-G Lan Bag features padded shoulder straps to make it all the more comfortable. Currently, the Evo-G Lan Bag is only available in black.
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