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Official Press Release

Sharkoon introduces a competitively priced series of external enclosures for 3.5" hard drives. The new "Rapid-Case" series is available in black or silver and with several different connection interfaces. IDE hard drives connect via USB-2.0, while SATA hard drives have the option of two different models: one model with a USB-2.0 connection, and one model with both e-SATA and USB-2.0 connections. The simply designed Rapid-Cases are made of solid aluminium and ideally suited for flexible and portable use as they measure just 115 x 35 x 205 mm. Together with the included stand, the enclosure can also be installed vertically. The packaging includes a USB cable (A/B), power supply, stand, screw driver, installation screws, instructions and anti-skid rubber pads for the bottom of the enclosure.

The new version of Sharkoon’s Data Carrier takes over design and functionality from its antecessor and focuses on USB2.0 as standard for data transfer. The external enclosure is suitable for 3.5“ HDDs and provides a multi-functional front USB hub with two ports. With its rear USB connector it can be connected to any computer supporting USB. Additionally a 24-in-1 card reader has been incorporated into the front, whose memory card slots read all major memory card formats. The black housing is made of premium, heat dissipating aluminum and captivates with its unique shape.

Silver Enclosure

Black Enclosure

More infomation on the enclosures can be found here.

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