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Square Eyes & Sore Thumbs?

Gamer AddictAccording to a study by the NPD Group, a group labelled 'extreme gamers' are spending an average of 45 hours a week playing video games and have bought 24 titles in the last three months. If this report is to be believed, then the most hardcore of gamers are spending more than a working week participating in their 'hobby', and laying out some hard cash too!

The data used in the study was collected from more than 20,000 members of NPD’s online consumer panel and the type of gamer is broken up into seven segments, with the following percentiles:

According to the report, while the PC is used more than any single console for gaming, Console Gamers, Young Heavy Gamers, and Extreme Gamers are more likely to use consoles than a PC to play video games.
You can read the full report here
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