Fable III First Look Next Month Page: 1

Lionhead Studios have given word that they will be giving the world its first real look at the next chapter in the Fable saga at an event next month in San Francisco.

"I'm writing storyboard summaries for two new Fable 3 videos," tweets community manager Sam Van Tilburg.  "Videos are to come out when we show Fable 3 for the first time at an event next month in SF."

The most logical assumption for the possible event he is talking about would be the Microsoft GameFest.  However, seeing as this is in Seattle and not San Francisco as the tweet suggests, it seems this might be a thus far unannounced event.

Announced August last year, Fable III puts the player in the role of one on the road towards ascension to the crown ruler of the kingdom Albion.  On your shoulders rests the weight of kingdom and your decisions hold far greater consequences than ever before.

A few known new features to the Fable world include a micro-transaction system allowing players to buy in-game items/content with real currency as well as the ability to explore past Albion's borders.

Fable III is expected to release along with Natal around Christmas time this year, being among the first games to make use of the camera body controller system.