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Faceboook 'lite' spotted
Facebook lite - twitter tirvalFacebook weren't prepared to let Twitter take over the micro blogging side of social networking, so they have been working on something very similiar themselved - facebook lite.
On Tuesday, notifications were sent out to many users by mistake, soon after the notifications and the lite.facebook.com suddenly dissapeared. "Last night, the test was temporarily exposed to a larger set of users by mistake," an e-mailed statement from Facebook representative Brandee Barker read. "We have not opened up access to lite.facebook.com to all users at this time. People who are not part of the test and are trying to access 'Lite' will be directed to Facebook.com as usual.
The lite service appears to be a cut down version of the usual facebook, with basic information and a stream of statues updates. Facebook claim this is just a stream line version that is "Similar to the Facebook experience you get on your mobile phones". This could just be a version for slow connections and developing worlds, or it could be a true twitter rival.
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