Fake Low-Level Jailbreak Release Contains Trojan Page: 1

Careful would-be iPhone jailbreakers, malicious hackers are at it again.  With the legalization of jailbreaking in the US, crack teams have stepped further into the light working to give users greater control over their iPhones.  Earlier this month, pod2g of the Chronic Dev team announced the discovery of a low-level exploit that would enable iPhones utilizing iOS version 4.1 to be jailbroken.

Bearing the name SHAtter, this exploit targets a vulnerability found in the device's bootrom hardware.  Thus, any jailbreak designed around it will likely be very difficult for Apple to block or reverse.  The team's tool being designed around SHAtter is codenamed greenpois0n and has yet to be released.

Naturally, news of this exploit has power users at the edge of their seats, impatient to get their hands on an Apple-untouchable jailbreak.  Unfortunately, such environments are prime targets for malicious hackers, and it seems they have already made their move.  

Costin Raiu from antivirus company Kaspersky has noted that a number of torrents have turned up for fake greenpois0n releases that once scanned have proven to contain trojans intended to steal user passwords.

All the existing "greenpois0n" archives at the moment contain Trojans designed to steal passwords and other private data from your system.  In addition to the Trojans, fake (rogue) jailbreaking websites have appeared; they pretend to sell tools that can jailbreak any version of iPhone with any version of iOS. The average cost for these is $25-$40.

As usual, you shouldn't be fooled: currently there is no working jailbreaking tool for iPhone 4s running iOS 4.0.2 / 4.1. If the pod2g exploit turns out to be valid, there'll no doubt be a lot of noise about it. Until then, stay away from fake jailbreaking tools and websites!

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