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It's nearly here!

Far Cry II release date announcedUbisoft have announced the release dates for Far Cry II, and there will be a collector's edition available too. Pencilled in for release on October 24th, the sequel will be launched on all formats on this date (PC, PS3 & Xbox 360). Far Cry II is set in Africa and plot centres around a mercenary group who are trying to oust an African warlord. Some welcome news for dual and quad core CPU owners is that the new game will utilise multi-threading and the AI and Havoc game engine will be run as seperate threads on the CPU's, so dual  and quad core based systems should see a good performance increase.

The Collectors Edition will feature:

Earlier last month, we reported on the system requirements for Far Cry II, and you can find the article here. For more information on the new game you can visit the official Far Cry II website. You can also discuss in our forums here.