"Faster than a speeding Ferrari"; The XFX GeForce 8800 GTS Fatal1ty Page: 1
Official Press Release

XFX announces their new Geforce 8800GTS . The new Fatal1ty version of the card is said to have much higher clock speeds than the Extreme and even the XXX versions of the 8800GTS. This new Fatal1ty version is said to have a 30% increase in performance compared to the vanilla Geforce 8800GTS 320MB. This interests me as it is amazing to see how much more speed they can squeeze out of the G80. The card supports an amazing 650Mhz core clock, a 1.6Ghz shader clock and a 2.0Ghz memory clock. All huge improvements from past models.

This 8800 GTS allows gamers to redline their gaming experience with a clock speed well ahead of both the Extreme and XXX editions available from XFX, and 30% better performance than the standard 8800 GTS 320MB. XFX anticipates high demand for this card and urges enthusiasts to get theirs now, because, like this card’s speed, they’re going to go fast. All 8800 GTS Fatal1ty graphics cards are HDTV-, SLI-, HDCP- and RoHS-ready, giving users world-class TV-out functionality and DirectX 10 performance capabilities. The cards also offer significantly enhanced scalability on more than 60 of the top PC games, and 320MB of unbelievable DDR3 power. Dual Dual-Link DVI enables the 8800 GTS to drive the industry’s largest and highest resolution flat panel displays, supporting digital output of up to 2560X1600 on not one—but two—displays.

Image of Geforce 8800GTS Fatal1ty

The spec sheet for the card can be found here.
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