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"Borderless" TV Range
LG SL9000 Borderless TVLG has unveiled a new range of borderless TVs which they claim to be the first in the world. Whilst many will think the sets will be able to display images right to the edge of the screen, they are wrong, they don't do this. 'Borderless' is more about freedom, according to LG, because the range apparently gives owners the freedom to, say, transfer images over Bluetooth.
“You will live better because of the infinite freedoms that the LG borderless TV will give you,” LG said.
The sets have no physical border as such, although an injection compression moulding process followed by film laminating technology results in glass running right to each model's very edge. They will still not display right to the edge. The two models - SL8000 and SL9000, are both part of the range but have some major differences.
For example, the SL9000 feaures a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio with a 100Hz refresh rate, whilst the SL8000 features a mere 150,000:1 contrast ratio, but a 200Hz refresh rate. Both are capable of displaying 1080p content though, as well as 24p real cinema image reproduction. The SL9000 is 29mm thick, whilst the SL8000 is 45mm, both featuring intergrated speakers that are "almost" invisible, according to LG.
LG have not yet released any information of pricing or availability, but I don't expect they will be cheap. It seems a bit strange that they market it as borderless, yet it still has some form of border. What do you think? Discuss in our Forums.
LG SL9000 Borderless TV Side View