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FOXCONN launch Quantum Force Scholarship program
Cash and free computer hardware for the hottest (or coolest) overclockers!

FOXCONN today announced the Quantum Force Scholarship program, which offers cash and hardware sponsorship for budding overclockers.

Applicants are invited to send in their CVs now, with the first intake of ‘Scholars’ announced before the end of the year -

Those in the program can expect free hardware and cash sponsorship for LN2 cooling. They will also have chance to do early testing on future Quantum Force products, provide their suggestions to Quantum Force R&D teams, and hopefully set some new overclocking records.

“This is what Quantum Force is really about… working with enthusiasts to develop great overclocking products” claims Greta Kuo, Quantum Force product manager. “We have already seen FSB of 622MHz with our MARS product, using LN2 cooling, and we are excited about setting a range of future benchmarks”.

The Quantum Force Scholarship program is the most generous yet to be officially launched by a manufacturer, and Scholars will get the added bonus of working with top overclocker and Quantum Force Technical Consultant “Shamino”.

Shamino, who recently appeared in an online Quantum Force video (, is looking forward to working with other overclockers: “It’s going to be pretty cool to see QF product pushed to the limits, and to see overclockers working together to directly influence the development of a motherboard. This really is breaking new ground for the OC community.”

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Enthusiasts who don’t make it into the program can still win up to US$1,000 of computer hardware by submitting their MARS-powered overclocking benchmark to the QF website PowerWall at

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