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Foxconn motherboards no more?

Rumour Mill: Foxconn Mobo's no more?Whispers within the industry are being heard about about Foxconn and their future as a high end motherboard manufacturer. According to the rumours Foxconn are looking to scale back their operations and the end user manufacturing division may get the chop. This would be a blow to the high end user as Foxconn have brought some great motherboards to the market.

Foxconn was founded in 1974, and their end user Foxconn branded motherboard manufacture is only a small part of their business operations. They produce some well known products, such as the iPod and iPhone for Apple, the PS2 and PS3 for Sony as well as producing Intel CPU's. We do not know the reasons why Foxconn would consider ceasing production of their motherboards, and if the rumours prove to be true it will be a sad day for enthusiasts.

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