Foxconn X38A supports BOTH SLI and CrossFire Page: 1
Foxconn X38A supports BOTH SLI and CrossFire

Many a motherboard manufacturer have showcased their Intel based X38 mainboards at Computex 07.

Unlike everyone elses offerings, Foxconn have something rather special. A motherboard that supports both NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFire.

Many an enthusiast, myself included, have based a decision to buy a motherboard on the support offered. It seems Foxconn are trying to make that decision that little bit easier.


Aparently the secret lies in drivers, it is not known if these drivers will be locked to Foxconn motherboards or if they will become available to all P35/X38 boards.


This topic of discussion has occured in the forum before, now it has finally arrived it would be interesting to hear your opinions here