Fujitsu on the Way to 5TB Hard Drives Page: 1
News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 19/01/07
Author: MikeEnIke
Source: TG Daily


Fujitsu claims that they have found a way to increase current hard drive capacity five times the current 1TB capacity. With the use of simulation programs and other calculations, Fujitsu claims that they will be able to create a store platter just 25nm in width. They have said that with this technology, they can reach storage capacities of 1TB/inch2, which is considered to be the maximum capacity a perpendicular recording hard drive can hold, as predicted by leading hard drive manufacturers. The 1TB/inch2 capacity has been disputed by research teams who have predicted that capacity of perpendicular recorded hard drives can reach between 20 - 40 TB/inch2.

If Fujitsu's calculation are indeed correct, this would mean that regular sized 3.5" hard drives will be able to handle a capacity of 5TB, 2.5" hard drives will be able to hold 1.5TB, and 1.8" hard drives can hold up to 500GB.

While this advancement further increases capacity of hard drives to supply consumers with more space for all of their data, it does not address the issue of faster hard drives which are in higher demand by PC enthusiasts than higher capacity. It is widely known that hard drives are the biggest bottleneck in the average PC, so increased size, which may bring some speed increase, are not nearly in demand as much as higher RPM hard drives are. We will have to wait for hard drive manufacturers to realize this fact before we see major results in the category, because as of right now, high speed hard drives are much more expensive despite the capacity lost, and if their prices we lowered and their specifications further advanced, one can only guess that faster hard drives would be the key to profit.

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