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G.Skill Joins SSD Field
G.Skill International Co. Ltd., a world leader in high quality, extreme performance memory, today unveils affordable ultra-performance SATA II 2.5" Solid State Drives (SSDs) with 64GB and 128GB capacities. With NAND MLC flash storage medium, G.SKILL SATA II 2.5" Solid State Drives (SSDs) provide cost effective, ultra reliable and power-efficient performance hard drives for general consumers who want to improve mobile products.

Covered with a strong metal alloy housing, G.SKILL SSDs protect valuable data from any mishaps that should happen during travel, and the highly power efficient nature means a boost to battery life allowing longer on the go. Ensuring ultimate reliability, G.SKILL SSDs have impressive 1.5 million hour mean time before failure (MTBF) and with a Lifetime Warranty and ever ready technical back-up, G.Skill SSDs are the total storage solution.

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 With so many other well-known manufacturers already in the SSD game, it's no surprise that G.Skill has decided to join the fray.  Hopefully these drives are not plagued by the flawed controller found in so many others.
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