G.Skill Shows off RipjawsX Memory Kits for Sandy Bridge Page: 1

Sandy Bridge is out today and the race is on among manufacturers to go to market with their own products that are ready for the new Intel processors. Leading memory manufacturer G.Skill today joined the race with the launch of its RipjawsX series memory modules.

Designed to precisely match the requirements of the Sandy Bridge chips, the RipjawsX series modules also support the H67 and P67 motherboards from Intel. The new series from G.Skill is a complete DDR3 range and includes modules across the board in terms of clock speeds. These include 1,333MHz, 1,600MHz, 1,866MHz, 2,133MHz, 2,200MHz, and 2,300MHz chips.

When put together with the Sandy Bridge platform, G.Skill’s new modules offer awe-inspiring bandwidth of up to 25K MB/s. According to the manufacturer, every RipjawsX memory kit has been hand-tested on an Intel Sandy Bridge platform to ensure that testing is of the highest level possible. Such extreme testing also means that all memory modules of the series deliver nothing but the best in terms of performance, compatibility, and reliability.

As with all other G.Skill products, the RipjawsX series kits are fully backed by lifetime warranty and 24x7 technical support. The memory modules are already out in the market, though pricing for the same have not yet been revealed.

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