G.Skill Unveils Phoenix Series SSDs Page: 1

This year’s CeBIT has been the launching pad for many-a-product from leading manufacturers; G.Skill too joined the bandwagon when it showed off its latest Phoenix SSD series on Friday. Though the piece on display was only a sample, it did seem to have several winning ingredients.

For starters, the SSD sample G.Skill showed off was 200GB one, which is a nice storage size for a SSD. The entire Phoenix series from the manufacturer is based on the new SF-12xx series controllers from SandForce and uses MLC NAND Flash memory. The test results provided by G.Skill show that the new drives can reach maximum read and write speeds in the 200MB/sec plus range, which are quite impressive.

All the drives of the Phoenix series will also support TRIM. In terms of capacity, G.Skill says they will be available in 50GB, 100GB, 200GB and 500GB storage. While pricing has not been revealed, the manufacturer did say that the drives will hit retail sometime in April. Considering the specifications, it should be interesting to see how the Phoenix series SSDs fare.

(Image courtesy: Fudzilla)

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