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Single Slot GTX 260
Galaxy's custom single slot GeForce GTX 260+Graphics card manufacturers are focusing more and more on cooling solutions for high end cards, often option for dual and sometimes triple slot coolers to keep the temperatures in check. However, Galaxy have done the opposite and fitted the GTX 260+ with a custom single slot cooler, the only one of it's kind, for now.
The heatsink makes use of Vapor Chamber Technology, which is a similar principle to heatpipe technology. A vapour chamber is composed of three layers: the transportation wick, the vaporisation wick and the condensation wick. Pure water is heated while in the transportation wick, as it turns to gas it moves into the condensation wick, away from the heat source. The water condenses back into a liquid and travels back to the transportation wick by way of capillary action, ready for the process to begin again.The PCB also seems longer than standard dual slot models, possibly to spread the heat over a larger area for more effective cooling.
Galaxy's custom single slot GeForce GTX 260+
There isn't much more information as of yet, clocks are not known, although they should be the same as stock double slot cooled cards, if not higher. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on this card and others that follow the trend.
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