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Today, a new LAN gaming centre in London opened to the public. The venue is called Gamerbase, a new 2300 sq.ft centre located within HMV's flagship Trocadero store.

The gaming systems in the centre are XPS gaming machines, provided by Dell and Intel. The XPS computers are Dell's top-line entertainment computers. Furthermore, customers will also have the facility to purchase systems directly from the Gamerbase centre.

Andrew Lazenby, Dell’s UK Consumer Brand Director, explains

 “We are delighted to partner with Gamerbase on this state-of-the-art gaming facility. Dell is passionate about providing gaming enthusiasts with the ability to enjoy a premier gaming experience on Dell’s top of the range XPS gaming products while also offering customers the facility to purchase Dell’s award winning systems directly from the Gamerbase centre. We believe this collaboration is also a way for Dell to connect with customers Dell may not have reached in the past”.

The centre also has a long-term partnership with Intel, and all of the PCs within the site are fitted with Intel Core 2 Quad processors, for fast gaming performance.

Simon Fox, CEO of HMV group, and Tim Ellis, Head of Games at HMV group, explain the company's reasons for having such a gaming centre located in their building.

"A key part of HMV's new strategy is to continue to improve the in-store customer experience. With Games becoming an increasingly significant part of our product mix, we are delighted to partner with Gamerbase, Dell and Intel to create a premium quality gaming experience for our customers. We are optimistic that the idea of a social gaming experience within a retail environment has the potential to catch on as yet one more way that people can access and enjoy games. The way people discover and enjoy games is showing signs of broadening out, and we want to be at the forefront of this process so we can continue to cater to all tastes and demands as they develop. The Gamerbase gaming centre is located right next to the store's Games department, so gamers can buy or pre-order a PC title straight away if they've had a great experience playing it"

The Gamerbase centre is open 7 days a week, and matches the store's long opening hours.

It all looks like it's shaping up to be a great centre, with a good location and some solid financial backing from some big hardware names. As long as the prices are reasonable, and the selection of games is up to date, this could become a real competitor to the Omega Sektor centre.

However, I feel that they will need to ensure that they run promotional events, such as tournaments, in order to really make the centre stand out. It's all well and good having a standard gaming cafe, but you need to have events lined up in order to fill the place and really draw attention!

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