Gaming at Christmas? Try Overclock3Ds game servers! Page: 1
Overclock3D's Game Servers - fast, smooth and furious!
If like us, you're planning to do some serious gaming at Christmas: then look no further than OC3D's gaming servers to provide you with some awesome gaming action. With Call of Duty 4, Counter Strike: Source and Unreal Tournament 3 all having at least one 24 hour dedicated server, you'll be gaming all through the holiday period with us!
Sponsored by IDNET, for super-fast broadband gaming solutions, the servers are red hot and running for you to game on. We recommend you check them out for your broadband needs too, they know their stuff and customer service is Top-Notch!
Call of Duty 4
We have 2 x CoD 4 servers running 24/7 for your delight.
cod 4 pic - TDM [All Maps]
CoD 4 - TDM [All Maps]
CoD 4 #2
Unreal Tournament 3
ut3 pic TDM #2 [Instagib/Deck]
Counter Strike:Source
css pic - Team DeathMatch #1
css - Team Deathmatch #2
css #2
For those tech geeks like us who are interested in the specs of our (overclocked, of course!) servers, here they are:
Server 1:

Intel Q6600 @ 3.6
4GB OCZ Reaper
Zippy Emacs 850w PSU
2x Gigabit Ethernet

Server 2:
2x 2.4ghz Intel Xeons @ 3.6ghz
Asus Mobo
2gb Corsair Generic
Enermax 500w
1x 100mbit Ethernet
I think you'll agree, they're none too shabby!
Anyway, enjoy our game servers and make sure you come and chat about your pwning exploits in our Forums!