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GeCube first out with Radeon HD 2600XT

According to our source GeCube are set to launch their HD 2600XT graphics card to coincide with Computex 2007.

The card will use GDDR4 memory and has a dual heatpipe cooler with a turbine style fan for low noise cooling according to GeCube. No clock speeds were announced at this time...

A new version of the GeCube Gemini should also be on display at Computex, this time it will use Radeon HD 2x00 series GPU’s over the Radeon X1650XT of the previous version.

For those with deeper pockets, GeCube will have a TEC (Thermal Electric Cooling) version of the Radeon HD 2900XT, which should come factory overclocked.

GeCube also have good news for those that are still using AGP, as it is planning to release a range of Radeon HD 2x00 based AGP graphics cards.

HD 2600XT

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