Geforce 7800 GS AGP to officially launch next week Page: 1
By Fuad Abazovic @
Surprise surprise. Nvidia's key partner BFG is already selling the still unannounced Geforce 7800 GS AGP card. A chap managed to buy one a few days back and he kindly shared some pictures and specifications with the rest of the world. Nvidia will officially introduce this card on the 7th of February, and it is an AGP 8X card with 400 MHz clock and 1250 MHz memory speed but we know that different vendors will go for different specs. We heard that the 7800 GS AGP should end up faster than 6800 Ultra AGP card and in the USA it costs $350. We learned that this is very fast AGP offering that can outscore anything that is out now but we hope that we will have the chance to prove it soon. You can find more details at Nvidia Forums.