GeForce 8600GTS Exclusive Photos and Specs Revealed Page: 1
News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 12/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: ocworkbench

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Our online source has exclusive photo's and specifications for Nvidia's GeForce 8600GTS. The GPU used is labelled G84-400. The GPU clock runs at 675MHz and GDDR3 at 2000MHZ and the card is HDCP ready.

The DX10 card, 8600GTS is supposed to take over the performance market of the 7900GS and 7950GT. from 17 Apr 2007. There will be 256MB and 512MB versions of the 8600GTS cards. Both cards will support GDDR3 or GDDR4 128bits and comes with Dual DVI, HDTV and HDCP. The card is slightly longer than the 8600GT. It also comes with a 6 pin power connector. There are two DVI-I and a SLI connector Slot on top.

Nvidia 8600GTS

You can expect the card to be available from the 17th of April. Pricing schedules for the G84 appear to be around:

8600GTS - $200-250
8600GT - $150-180
8500GT - $90

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