Geforce 9500 and 9400 are delayed Page: 1



According to sources Nvidia have the low-end Geforce 9s ready to go but because of the quantity of the low-end 8 series still around they have decided to delay the release. They have decided to do this knowing if they release the 9400 and 9500 the sales of the 8400 and 8500 will drop or ultimately kill them off.

As said before Nvidia have proposed the release to allow dealers to sell some of the 8 series stock before killing the old gen. Fudzilla have said that shops have been selling quite a few 8500GTs but mainly because of the 1024Mb ram. A large amount of sellers are finding it hard to shift them.

The 9400 and 9500 will become a Q2 product instead of Q1.


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