Geforce 9800 GTX in EU for 276.50 Euros Page: 1

Geforce 9800 GTX in EU for 276.50 Euros
Nvidia's new Geforce the 9800 GTX was spotted recently by Fudzilla on a site called Unfortunately it has been taken down now but some of the specs were written down, the Core clock will be at 675Mhz, Memory at 1100Mhz and a Shader Clock of 1688Mhz. It was listed at  276.50 Euros which is around 215.306 British pounds.
If that is the true price we might be on to a really great card. Below is a screenshot taken by Fudzilla of the listing.


The new release date for the 9800GTX is the 1st of april for those who don't know. A review to come I am sure.


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