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GeForce 9900 GTX Card Design Exposed?
While the media are trying desperately to get some hard details on what NVIDIA's GT200 or GeForce 9900 GTX card may enter the market with, we get another hint of what may finally arrive. According to our source the GT200 or GeForce 9900 GTX reference board might look something not too far removed from the images below:
9900 GTX side
9900 GTX front 9900 GTX back
We saw some mechanical designs on GT200 card leaked out on the internet and we can confirm it is not fake as we got the same file earlier last week from our reliable sources. The D10U card has a total of 16 memory chips onboard up to 1GB GDDR3 memories, in line with rumored 512-bit memory interface which we are hearing a while back. Other information we have revealed earlier is the card is 10.5" long and dual slot with CoolerMaster TM71 cooler.There are evidences suggesting that GT200 could be on both 55nm and 65nm process technology, a similar approach that Nvidia is going to take with their current G9x series. GT200 is currently on A2 revision and there is a high possibility that Nvidia might launch GT200 on 65nm first then move to 55nm at a later stage...GT200 could have 8 ROP partitions connected with 64-bit each making up the 512-bit memory interface and up to 10 clusters of 24 SPs = 240 stream processors. You can think of it as two G92 cores packed into one. There are some rumored specs leaked recently that might be pretty close to the truth.
Hopefully the GeForce 9900 GTX is going to be one seriously beefy card, and one that provides a clear pair of heels to what we've seen in recent months.
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