Gigabyte announces Ultra Durable 3 technology Page: 1

Reduced heat and energy wastage

Gigabyte Ultra Durable 3More a design modification than an actual new technology, Gigabyte are claiming that Ultra Durable 3 can reduce motherboard temperatures by as much as 50°C. Basically, Gigabyte are adding more copper to the power and ground layers of  the Ultra Durable 3 motherboards, to the tune of 2 ounces per layer. They say that this is double to the amount that traditional motherboards use, which is just one ounce per layer.

The increased amount of copper is said to provide a more efficient spreading of heat from hot zones, like the CPU area, and distributing it evenly throughout  the board. So the motherboard in effect would become a large heatsink. Gigabyte also say that the addition of the extra copper will lower the impedance of the PCB and this will also help with cooling as the lower the PCB's impedance, the less energy is wasted and less heat generated.

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