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Gigabyte Challenging Razer?
Earlier this month, Gigabyte displayed a number of new products at CeBit.  Among them was what will be their first foray into the gaming peripheral market, the GK-K8000.
Worldwide 1st Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: GIGABYTE GK-K8000 is especially designed by engineers and designers who love RTS and FPS games, setting new industry standard for gaming keyboard. Thousands of gamers have been studied; their play style and practical functions their keyboard provided, the results of thousands of hours of study have culminated in the GIGABYTE’s mechanical keyboard, GK-K8000. To pursue the best quality gaming gear, GIGABYTE boasts its mechanical tactile system, featuring no-click Cherry MX Series key switches to guarantee a life cycle of up to 60 million keystrokes. In addition, it has macro capabilities, and GIGABYTE GHOST™ software includes several pre-set gaming profiles for FPS, RTS and RPG games
We now know that this keyboard is set to come out later this month with a price tag of $113, which is interestingly enough a bit lower than a similar product of the well-established gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer.
GK-K8000 Product Page
Will Gigabyte's first foray be appealing enough to challenge the gaming peripheral powerhouses of Razer and Logitech?
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