Gigabyte EX-58 Extreme2 motherboard spotted Page: 1
Gigabyte EX-58 Extreme2 motherboard spotted
Gigabyte's EX-58 Extreme2A pre-release version of Gigabytes upcoming EX-58 Extreme2 motherboard has been spotted here.
The board is a refresh based on the design of the original EX-58 Extreme, and comes with a feature set worthy of its ‘Extreme’ branding. These are just some of the features that I’ve seen on the board, there are no doubt countless more too:
• Huge cooling system, near enough spanning across the entire board, with a waterblock over the X58 chip.
• 4 PCI-Express x16 graphics slots supporting Crossfire or SLI
• 4 internal SATA3 6.0Gb/s ports
• 2 USB 3.0 ports supported via NEC controller
• Triple power USB (1500mA to each port instead of 500mA on USB2, 2700mA to each USB 3 port compared to 900mA in the specification.)
This board will also feature in Gigabyte’s ‘333’ promotion, as it features USB 3.0, triple power USB, and SATA 3.0 connectivity.
As it isn’t released yet, Gigabyte have yet to put what will become their flagship board on the site yet. Rest assured though when they do launch, you’ll know about it.
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