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Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 460 SE cards have had more than a few takers – almost every major OEM partner has come out with its own version. There have been a few factory overclocked models too. Now it is the turn of Gigabyte to come out with a new GeForce GTX 460 SE model; the manufacturer however, has made some interesting changes to its new card.

Rather than putting out a simple factory overclocked version of the reference graphics card, Gigabyte has come through with an all new custom design for its GeForce GTX 460 SE WindForce 2X graphics card. The manufacturer has equipped that card with its exclusive and top-line WindForce 2X twin-fan GPU cooler. This superior cooling solution not only allows the card to run at a higher clock speed than the reference design, but also keeps open the possibility of further overclocking.

The 288 CUDA cores on the reference design have not been messed with, but the core clock speed on the GPU has been hiked to 740 MHz as against the reference speed of 650 MHz. The shader frequency has been set at 1460 MHz while the 1GB of GDDR5 VRAM has been clocked to 3400 MHz. An Ultra Durable PCB, two DVI ports and a mini-HDMI outputs round out the specifications.

Gigabyte is already accepting pre-orders for the same at a price of €160.

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Gigabyte Has Custom Cooled, Overclocked GTX 460 SE WindForce Ready