Gigabyte Launch Another ITX Case Page: 1
Gigabyte's ITX case and monitor stand
Gigabyte ITX case with monitor mountGigabyte have launched a new ITX case, nothing major you may think. You'd probably be right, but this one has a monitor mount built in, allowing you to mount a panel between 19 and 23 inches to it, aslong as it has standard 10cm or 7.5cm VESA mounting. The case features a standard 5.25" optical drive bay and 3.5" hard drive bay, meaning no special components are needed to make this solution work. There is a front IO plate featuring the usual dual USB 2.0 and audio ports. A rear 6cm provides the cooling for the components, which should be ample, but maybe a tad on the loud side. Power is provided by a built in 65w power supply.
The monitor mount has a lock and a tool less mounting design, allowing it to be a standalone case or when the mount is fitted, an all in one computer, with the added ability to move the monitor up and down. You'd expect this to be high priced too, but it's not. Expected to retail at around £50 once it hits shelves in the UK soon. For more information on the MIB T5140 and MIB T5142 then visit Gigabyte's website here.
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