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Gigabyte offer long warranty
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6 MotherboardThe official launch of the P55 platform looms closer and closer, more details emerge every day of different processors and motherboards. Prices are flying around and everybody is generally excited for the mainstream 'alternative' to the X58 platform.
Well, here we have something to get you even more excited about. Gigabyte have told us that selected boards from their P55 range will carry up to 6 years warranty in the UK. That is quite something when you think a standard warranty is only usually 2 years.
The models that will carry this special extended warranty are the P55M-UD4 (4 years), the P55-UD4 (4 years), the P55-UD5 (5 years) and finally the P55-UD6 which carries a 6 year warranty!
It seems that every manufacturer wants to offer something unique to their customers to try and lure them away from rival brands. Competition is always good for the consumer though.
To register for this extended warranty, you must follow the steps outlined on Gigabyte's Forum.
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