Gigabyte to release built-in watercooling case Page: 1
Gigabyte 3D Mercury

It looks like Gigabyte are going to follow the trend that has been set by other computer case manufacturers by making a new style of case which will include a full watercooling system. I guess this is excellent news for beginners as it provides a way of having a watercooling system without all the modding and hassle.


  • Built-in liquid cooling system(including pump, radiator, tank set)
  • Extended body for larger space
  • High-end brushed aluminum panel and body
  • Multi-functional window ( steel mesh-vent; acrylic-transparent)
  • Strengthened nickel-coated rear plate
  • Dual security locks(front and side panel) protect valuable system hardware
  • Perfect air convention provides best cooling performance, and silent environment
  • Built-in two fan speed controlled, silent intake fans
  • One LED illumined and one adjustable speed silent intake fans
  • Two silent exhaust fans with illumined LED

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