Gigabyte to Unveil Premium Gaming Motherboards at CES? Page: 1

Tech major Gigabyte has set the rumor mills of the industry working overtime - if the “coming soon” stuff mentioned on Gigabyte Tech Daily is to be believed, Gigabyte will soon be breaking into the Premium Gaming Motherboard section. While there are very few details mentioned, things are expected to become crystal clear at CES in January 2011.

According to the rumors making the rounds at the moment and the information provided by the unofficial Gigabyte blog, Gigabyte is working on an all new premium motherboard brand. Aimed at high-end gaming systems, the new motherboard series when launched, would be in direct competition to the highly successful Republic of Gamers (RoG) brand of ASUS and MSI’s XPower.

Some insider sources have even hinted that the first motherboard the range will be an X58. The description on Gigabyte Tech Daily shows it as the “G1-Killer” in the form of an ATX motherboard and with a price tag of $299. Again, there has been no official word from Gigabyte, who have kept things tightly under wraps.  

Keeping in mind the strength of Gigabyte’s high-end line up, the overclocking capabilities of the company’s products, and the saleability, the new line-up has already started generating a strong buzz. With CES just around the corner, there will be many waiting to see what Gigabyte comes up with this time around.

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Gigabyte to Unveil Premium Gaming Motherboards at CES?