Gmail Going Social With Buzz Page: 1

Last week, social networking site Facebook gave word about their new Project Titan.  Touted as the "Gmail Killer," Titan is a full-featured webmail client that is a direct challenge to one of their biggest competitors.  Well now it seems Google is returning the favor.

Google have announced the launch of their new social networking component, Google Buzz.  Featuring full integration with the Gmail service, Buzz also brings Picasa, Flickr, and Twitter into the mix.  The service allows users to provide status updates as well as share links, photos and videos with friends and family.

When making a post, Buzz allows you to set its visibility, making sure you know is able to view it.  Responses to your posts made by other people are sent directly to your inbox and are updated live, ensuring you don't miss any and allowing you to carry out conversations.

Google Buzz also features a ranking and recommendations system which weeds out irrelevant, short updates as well as makes suggestions of posts from people who you aren't currently following that could be relevant to your interests.

Want to give an update but aren't near a computer?  No problem!  Google has created a mobile web app component, allowing users to make posts on the go from their phone.

Google included with their announcement a brief introductory video detailing the various features of the service:

Google Buzz should already be set up if you have a Gmail account, so if you want to try out this new service simply log in and click the Buzz tab. If it's not showing up or you want more info, head over to the Google Buzz page here.