Google Chrome 5 Released to Developers Page: 1

Google yesterday released version 5 of its Chrome browser’s developer’s build; the public release of the new version is expected in the next few days. Already, the latest version of the browser does not seem to have taken off as well as its predecessors. Google has released both Windows and Mac versions of the browser.

Reports on the new browser already talk of some bugs including its incompatibility with existing themes and some unusual fireworks behind the toolbar buttons. The new tabs page is now a blank one, and Google seems to have replaced the Page menu icon with the one for Tools menu. These are just some of the initial observations and there are more bugs expected as developers start playing around with the browser.

The thing to be noted here is that established features of Chrome that have not had any issues so far now seem to be giving problems. Though with the version being a developer’s one, Google has time on hand to iron these out before the final release.

On the upside, Chrome 5 has many of the existing bugs fixed, plus some interesting new features. The biggest change is the introduction of a new content settings window, which can be accessed through the Options menu. It brings comprehensive tweaking ability for cookies, images, JavaScript, plug-ins, and pop-ups. The main target of all of these options is to prevent websites from accessing these tools if the user so chooses.

A new link has also been included to allow users to customize Adobe Flash player storage settings, though it is non-functional at the moment. The functionality might just be included in the end-user version. The Windows version of Chrome 5 also comes with a new default downloads folder, a change from the earlier version where it was the desktop. Users still have the option to change it to the desktop.

On the Mac side of things, Google seems to have worked on the stability of plug-ins and a new search field has been added to the cookies manager. The content settings window though is missing.

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