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Google’s Android OS for mobile phones has been slow in gathering momentum. There have been lots of bugs that needed to be sorted out before manufacturers started adopting it. Only recently has the Android fever started building, with most major manufacturers coming out with their Android based mobile phones. At the moment, Android is nicely on its way to becoming one of the most preferred mobile phones OS around.

The biggest advantage for Android is that Google is continuously working on innovations and new features for the OS. An example of this was recently presented by the Internet giant at the Mobile World Congress in Spain in the form of a language translation software. Whenever the mobile phone user takes a picture with some foreign language text on it, the software automatically translates that text to English.

This ability was demonstrated by a Google engineer who snapped a photo of a German restaurant menu with an item described as “Fruhlingssalat mit Wildkrautern”. The photo was quickly uploaded to Google servers and the text translated automatically. The reply received on the Android phone read “spring salad with wild herbs”, which is a perfect translation.

While this translation software might not be path-breaking, its stand out point is that it does not carry out the translation on the phone. The actual translation is done on Google’s servers, which means there is a lot more processing power behind the translation that the mobile device can provide. This, according to Google, makes for faster translations. The assumption of course remains that the mobile network reception in the area is strong enough for the picture to be uploaded to Google’s servers quickly.

The software shown as the Mobile World Congress is however, only a demo version and Google is yet to confirm when it will become available for its Android devices.

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