Google Enters Video Compression Scene Page: 1
Google are taking over the internet, again!

On2 TechnologiesIt was today announced that the Internet search engine and jack of all trades had bought a video compression company for 106.5 million USD, in shares. It is not yet clear what Google plans to do with the company and it's technology, but they have simply stated the following in a post on their blog;
"video is an important part of many people's everyday activities on the internet and a big part of many Google products". They later go on to say "Because we spend a lot of time working to make the overall web experience better for users, we think that video compression technology should be a part of the web platform."
Maybe the move is just an effort to cut down the bandwidth bills of youtube, which must be very high considering each video is now allowed to be a maximum of 2GB in size. Is it that simple? Is there something new coming soon or is this just an effort to speed up the downloads and make youtube more accessible?
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