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Speculation builds about the gPhone

Not wanting to be out-done by Apple, Microsoft, Palm or Symbian it appears that Google is reportedly planning to offer a handset-optimised operating system in September. According to reports the more likely scenario would be Google looking to existing phone companies for a device that can use a Google-developed operating system and suite of mobile applications, not building its own hardware.

We understand that the "Gphone OS" (our name for it, not theirs) began development after Google's very quiet 2005 acquisition of mobile software company Android, started by Danger cofounder and former-prez / CEO Andy Rubin. At Google, Andy's team has developed a Linux-based mobile device OS (no surprise) which they're currently shopping around to handset makers and carriers on the premise of providing a flexible, customizable system -- with really great Google integration, of course

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Google, coming to a phone near you...

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