Google’s Shows off RSS Reader Play Page: 1

Google today announced the launch of its RSS portal – Google Reader Play. The special portal is aimed specifically at devices with touch-screen interfaces.

Reader Play brings an all-new interface for Google’s RSS aggregation service and makes information available in a highly visual format with simplified navigation. Compared to the regular Google Reader, the Play makes RSS reading simplified and easier to follow.

The Play interface will require users to “star” content items from a pre-selected database, and based on this selection, Google’s algorithms will deliver content to touch devices. Users will no longer be able to select which RSS feeds to follow and all content delivered will be focused more on video and images rather than on text. The focus on giving “stars” to services means the Play will continuously improve on feeds’ delivery as usage increases.

For users who find this a chore, Google is also providing a “View in Reader Play” option in Google Reader. Through this, users can have the RSS feeds of their choice forwarded to their Play interface. While primarily targeted at users with Google accounts, the service will also be available for those without a Google account, but without any feed customisation options.

For starters, the experimental service will be made available through Google Labs, with future development based on the response it receives.

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